Dear Clients and Friends,

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to teach us new ways of interacting with, as well as conducting business for our valued clients, friends, partners, and employees.  Dallas Capital Bank (DCB) is learning to incorporate and overcome the challenges of the time by working together with you.

With change as our constant companion, DCB remains focused on best in class technology as we monitor regulatory guidance, new credit solutions, market volatility, as well as community best practices.    Many of us are navigating new behaviors that include wearing masks, elbow greetings, and working from home.  Our daily vocabularies include: “shelter-in-place”, “flattening the curve”, “COVID-fatigue”, and “contactless shopping”.  Just as impactful are the ongoing stressors: closures of favorite businesses, homeschooling children, job loss(es), or struggles with illness.  With the pandemic terrain as a constant backdrop, we continue to navigate rapid change while maintaining sound operations alongside those in our community.

As this global event plays out, there is extraordinary social resilience unfolding.  All of us have learned something new.  We now place calls, and video calls, in place of our normal face-to-face interactions.  We spend more time checking-in with friends, clients, and family members.  Some of us have met our neighbors for the first time, or dusted off a bicycle, maybe we laced up walking shoes, or attended a remote worship service.  Our yards and gardens look better than ever, and a lot of us now bake, or cook, and occasionally burn, a new recipe.  One thing we can clearly see is that together we are creating a new-normal.  This new-normal sees us approaching social ties in novel ways, caring for our communities with deeper compassion, and conducting day-to-day business with more patience and kindness.

Dallas Capital Bank continues to experience this global crisis alongside you. There are many practical steps we take each day to keep our clients, ourselves, our family and friends, and our communities healthy and safe. However, there also are just as many uncategorized ways that we are all growing, changing, and learning together.  As a result, we will be stronger, more resilient, and united, as we ultimately arrive on the other side of one of the most societally impactful events of a generation.

In closing, we offer this reminder: DCB remains committed to providing you peace-of-mind, and stability, through our available technology and services.  We continue to offer you, and your business, DCB remote banking products which include online banking for 24/7 account access, and the DCB Mobile App available for download.  Our Banking Center Lobby and Drive-thru services are open during normal business hours.  The DCB Client Services Team is available for you by calling  (972)391-6800, or by emailing cservices@dallascapitalbank.com.  In addition, you may contact your Personal Banker directly to discuss any banking needs you may have.  Stay safe, be healthy, and we will all continue learning together, and creating our own new-normal.

Sincerely,   Doug Staley, EVP/Chief Risk Officer